Letter 1
May 13, 2007

Letter from the ACVA President



An IRS 501(c) 3 Non Profit Organization

To: ACVA Members, Former Shipmates and Friends,

    I hope all of you know by now that the ex-USS ADAMS DDG2 has been returned to "Donation Hold Status" at the direction of the CNO, Admiral Mullen a former Adams Class DDG Commanding Officer. On April 25, 2007, I received a letter from Vice Admiral M. P. Fitzgerald, Director, Navy Staff for the CNO, confirming this decision. We now have until March 31, 2008, to find a home for ADAMS and submit an Application for Donation to NAVSEA.

So what to we do now?   

    Our "City Search Team" composed of retired Captains, Jim Aldrich (DCA/MPA on DDG11, 67-70) and Bob Branco (MPA on DDG23, 68-69, XO on DDG20, 77-79, CO on DDG2, 83-85) are currently investigating the possible berthing of ADAMS in the Jacksonville/Mayport area of Florida. ADAMS was home ported in Mayport from 1969 until decommissioning, twenty three (23) years. Other members of our ACVA Board are making the rounds once again and contacting existing museums to identify a back up location. Anyone with connections to any museum that you believe might be interested in adding ADAMS should contact me by email at tecrosserbsausnr@aol.com or by phone at 623-849-9526. ACVA will follow up on all leads. We are still working with several other cities that we have previously worked with, to see if they can commit to a berth and funding.

Comprehensive Survey Team to visit ADAMS

    On the morning of May 7, 2007, ACVA submitted an "Official Request" to NAVSEA so that on Monday, May 21, 2007, marine surveyor Joe Lombardi can conduct a resurvey of ADAMS in order to update the one he conducted a few years ago. Thanks to Member Donations this has  been made possible. Information from the survey will help us in our talks with those we are asking to offer ADAMS a berth.

   Not only did ACVA file a "Formal Request" with NAVSEA to perform a resurvey but also to allow a team from ACVA to go aboard Adams on May 22, for what we are calling a Comprehensive Working Survey. We also asked for two extra days on ADAMS, May 23-24 if necessary to complete our work.

    Bob Branco took a volunteer list we gathered in 2004-2005 and contacted many and came up with a revised list of volunteers that will be divided into six (6) teams of 2-4 persons to cover as many spaces on ADAMS as team size and time permit. Bob devised a standard survey form to document missing or broken items in each space and the overall condition of that space. The team consists of seven (7) former Enlisted, two (2) former Warrant Officers and four (4) former Officers (all 06 Retired USN Captains).

    This team plans to take many photos, lots of Video and take a minimum of two (2) weeks to compile a report and post photos to the ACVA and/or ADAMS web sites.

Moving Ahead After the Survey Work

    At a special ACVA Board meeting on May 7, 2007, we passed two very important motions.

The first was to, "Begin efforts to raise $100,000 within four (4) months in order to begin work on a Donation Application."
The second was to, "Develop a strategy to address the need to have $5-7 million in the
bank by March 31, 2008."

    Having the Donation Application written and filed with NAVSEA will take 75% of the $100,000 we propose to raise under motion number #1. Much of this money will need to be raised from former Adams Class Sailors. The money raised under motion #2 will need to be raised from Corporate Donations and from the Public in and around the area where ADAMS will have her final berth.

A Long and Difficult Passage Lies Ahead 

    The course we have charted will be a long and difficult task and take us through uncharted waters. Other groups have successfully made the journey and ACVA will do its best to keep
us on track.

    Our ACVA Board has an urgent need for two new members. First we must acquire Professional Legal Assistance (Pro Bono if possible). Having a former ADAMS Class Sailor in this position would be nice but not mandatory. Perhaps there is a son or daughter or even a grandson or granddaughter of a former ADAMS Class crew member willing to lend us their counsel.

    Our second need is for someone with a financial background to come aboard as Treasurer.
Our current Treasurer has been trying to retire for several months so we need to find a replacement soon.

Future of ACVA and ADAMS

    No one said it would be easy, and no one said it would be quick. Some on our board worked with other groups to find a home not only for ADAMS but other ADAMS Class ships and they came up short. I don't want to see us end up short again. I hope that with the help of all those who ever walked across the quarterdeck of an ADAMS Class ship and called her home for even a short time, we will be successful.

    Donations to help make this dream come true can be sent to our ACVA Secretary,
Dave Myerly at the following address.
Dave Myerly
5 Bush Road
Denville, NJ 07834-2906

   With the help of our ADAMS Class Shipmates we can and will be successful. Questions and comments can be sent directly to me at tecrosserbsausnr@aol.com or by phone at 623-849-9526 or mail them to me at the following address.

Tom Crosser
President, Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc.
8520 West Clarendon
Phoenix, AZ 85037-2723