Memo 1
March 21, 2006

To: ACVA Ship Reps and Non DDG Member Reps

Please forward this memo to your ships Crewmembers AND CC: our Secretary on your outgoing memos at
The ACVA needs to make certain our communications network is working and need to know quickly.


Please advise me HOW you will notify them.

A. If you put this memo on a web page, please advise which web site and when it was posted.
B. If you put this memo into a newsletter please advise when your newsletter will be sent to your crewmembers and the approximate number of recipients.

All who receive this memo from ACVA Ship Reps. or Non DDG Member Reps.

Please help us by responding to our “QUESTIONS” shown below.

ACVA Ship Reps, Non DDG Member Reps., Adams Class Ship Assn. Presidents and others.

A local support group was formed recently in the Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg area of Florida. This local group is assisting in spreading the word about ACVA's efforts to save the USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 and develop interest in this area of Florida. At a recent monthly meeting, some of those attending voiced concerns that they were not getting much, if any information, about ACVA from their assigned ACVA Ship Reps.

Let me try to explain part of the problem and ask for your help.

The ACVA Board has focused our effort to save Adams on the central part of Florida. That is because there is a wonderful climate most of the year, lots of tourists as potential visitors to the ship, and we have more interest from that area than any other with potential berthing locations. We have received a lot of support from some influential people in the area. At the request of the Mayor of the city which is our leading prospect, let's call it City X, we have not released the name of the actual city to the General Membership or included it in our recent Press Release. The Mayor of City X stated he did not want to go public until he had as much information as possible and had the support of the local Chamber of Commerce and local Economic Development Board. For now, we must honor the request of that Mayor. I hope everyone understands why this Mayor, or any Mayor, must be ready to counter any opposition before he puts his reputation and his office behind a multimillion dollar project such as ours. I assure you that our ACVA people in Florida are working very hard to convince everyone in City X that getting the Adams in their city as a Memorial and Museum Ship will be an asset to the city tourist scene, local youth groups and local educational institutions.

In an effort to bring ACVA Members and Non Members up to date, I want to try what I hope will be a fast experiment in communicating with all of you. This also has the potential to give ACVA an idea of just how many of you are really getting our messages. The following is a very short update of where ACVA stands in our effort to save the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS DDG-2.

  • - ACVA has new members joining all the time. We have 235 members and 73 ACVA Plankowners or donors.
  • - The ACVA Board of Directors meet online monthly and minutes are posted on the ACVA web site under "Discussion Board." (See Meeting Minutes)
  • - ACVA has By Laws for our Association, and we are Incorporated.
  • - Our application for IRS 501c3 Non Profit status is pending.
  • - ADAMS continues on Donation Hold in Philadelphia through the efforts of ACVA.
  • - ACVA has a good relationship with a key contact person at NAVSEA.
  • - We have a newly formed ACVA Local Support Group in the city we hope will take our ship.
  • - ACVA paid Joe Lombardi, a Marine Engineer, to conduct site surveys of several locations in this city.
  • - ACVA paid Joe Lombardi to prepare and make a presentation to the Staff of the Mayor.
  • - One of our ACVA Directors made a follow up presentation for the Mayor himself.
  • - We are working to gain more local support from the Navy League, C of C, Academy Alumni and Other groups.
  • - The proposed trip to Philly to take pictures, make a video tape of the condition of Charles F. Adams, and evaluate the ships condition, is on hold until we have a written agreement with City X. Those who expressed a desire to be included on this trip will be contacted at the proper time. Since I must give NAVSEA at least two weeks notice of our intent to visit, I hope I can give everyone at least a 4-6 week advance notice of the planned trip date. The total number of bodies allowed to set foot on ADAMS deck will be limited by NAVSEA to a total of fifteen (15).


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ACVA Executive Secretary, Dave Myerly at

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  • Your Rate/Rank while on Adams Class Ship
  • Which Adams Class DDG Ship were you on?
  • Your Final Navy or Military Rank?
  • Your street address (optional)
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  • If you are not already an ACVA Member, would you like to receive our ACVA member application via email?

If you know of crewmates or friends who either served on an Adams Class DDG or may be interested in supporting the ACVA, and may not be getting our emails, please forward this to them.

Thank You,

Tom Crosser
Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc. (ACVA)

Dave Myerly
Executive Secretary
Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc. (ACVA)