Memo 3
April 8, 2007


Fellow ACVA Shipmates

The Charley Deuce (DDG-2) has been taken off of Donation Hold by the Navy.
We are pressing for an urgent action by the Chief of Naval Operations, a former
DDG-20 CO USS Goldsborough, and our Senators/Congressmen to have the Navy
extend the "Donation Hold" status for another year to give us a chance to save this
gallant ship as a historical Navy museum. How Urgent is the need?
NAVSEA is allowing people from other museums to go aboard and strip items
during one week this month. This is usually a first step months before they ask
for bids for scrapping.

Two sample letters (attached) have been drafted in Microsoft Word that you can personalize, with your own DDG-2 experiences. One sample letter is to the CNO,
the other sample letter can be sent to your US Senator and/or Representative.
These letters should be sent this week, or ASAP and fax them if at all possible,
in order to give us one last chance to save the Deuce.

This is a team effort, and we are working with several former ADAMS Commanding
Officers and other DDG ships with many DDG crew members involved.

We need your help to save her, let's do it!

Address/Fax for CNO:

Admiral Michael Mullen, USN
Chief of Naval Operations
2000 Navy Pentagon
Room 4E662
Washington, DC 20350-2000

CNO Fax 703-693-9408

The following URL's allow you to locate your Congressman and/or Senators
then cut and paste addresses into your letters. They contain Phones/Fax/Emails/Names/Addresses By State.
Contacting the Congress

Please let me know which US Senators and/or Congressmen you send letters
or fax. and any responses you receive from them, We need to know as we continue other efforts going on.

The ACVA has had success in having letters written and calls made from a dozen
or so Senators and/or Congressmen supporting and recognizing our situation. Some contacted the CNO, and NAVSEA directly but we need more contacts made quickly
from you.

We continue to monitor NAVSEA but have not heard if they will place ADAMS back
on DONATION HOLD OR REMOVE the ADAMS from the April 9-13 Strip Ship Open House in Philadelphia.

Please help,

Dave Myerly
ACVA Executive Secretary