Fundraising Letter
November 27, 2007


To: All ACVA Ship Reps.

From: ACVA President Tom Crosser

Urgent Communication and Request to Adams Class Shipmates:


We have exciting news to report regarding the berthing of the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS!
Due to the ongoing efforts of the ACVA Board and our JAX Team, the Jacksonville Florida Waterways Commission passed a Resolution on November 1, stating their support for the berthing of the last existing ADAMS CLASS DESTROYER IN THE UNITED STATES, USS CHARLES F. ADAMS, in their city and the creation of a Memorial and Museum, dedicated
to the Adams Class DDG's, the sailors who served on them, their contribution to our nation's security during the Cold War, and their part in US Naval History.

As of Tuesday, November 27, the report from our JAX Team added two more City Council Members to the list of those supporting our efforts. This brings the total to 13 supporting our effort, 3 uncertain (but probable) and 2 yet to be briefed. The 13 is the "super majority" we wanted to secure prior to bringing the request to the full Council for consideration. Additionally we have gained support from Business Leaders and other interested parties who feel that ADAMS will be a real asset to Jacksonville. And lastly, the City of Jacksonville's Veterans' Affairs Director has voiced a "No Objection" position on our ADAMS proposal. This is significant due to the fact that the Mayor will ask his opinion first, and because he has declined to support each and every Naval Ship Museum proposal previously submitted.

We need to make sure that our message is getting to each and every former Adams
Class crew member possible. We need to make sure that everyone knows about recent developments in Jacksonville and the fact that we only have until March 31, 2008 to submit our "Application for Donation" to NAVSEA. The preparation and submission of the actual "Application" Is going to cost ACVA at least $100,000.

This information must go out as fast as possible to all former Adams Class crew members. We need contributions and we need them very quickly. Our goal is within sight. We have asked and often prayed for this opportunity and it is finally before us. We must rise to the occasion and do our part to bring Adams to her final home. I am asking that every sailor make a $25 contribution - and send it today...PLEASE. If you can send a little more, Great! But more important, contact anyone else you thing would be interested in our effort and ask them to send a little too. As we were taught on board, many hands make light work.

I will also request that everyone associated with an Adams Class web site or Reunion Group have our story and this request posted prominently so anyone visiting your site can read about our ongoing effort to save the last Adams Class DDG in the US. Please make sure all of your shipmates are aware of the ADAMS Class Veterans Association web site ( because on that site is all the latest info, including a rendering of ADAMS sitting in the proposed berth on the St. Johns River in JAX!

Checks should be made out to "The ACVA, Inc." and sent to:
ACVA Executive Secretary
c/o Dave Myerly
5 Bush Road
Denville, New Jersey 07834-2906

Tom Crosser
President, Adams Class Veterans Association, Inc.