Arlen Alexander, ETR2
Semmes 1962-1964

I joined the Navy in 1960 and attended ETA school on Treasure Island, San Francisco, California.   For a kid off the farm in Oklahoma, California was heaven.   After school I was sent to Charleston, South Carolina and stationed on the USS Eugene A. Greene DDR711.   After a Med cruise on the Greene I was sent to Westwego, Louisiana and assigned to the USS Semmes DDG18.   I remember the Semmes trip to Charleston as being cold, wet and rough.

My whole time on the Semmes was a “Shake Down” cruise.   Great liberty and great friends. When we had our missile blast test, I think I was the only one with a movie camera.   Got some great footage as all the sam’s shot off.

We were out to sea off Charleston on a Dependants Day cruise when Kennedy got shot and we immediately turned around back to Charleston.

In 1964 my hitch was up and I remember walking down the pier and waving goodbye to my friends on board.   I loaded up my Harley Hog with all my gear and headed for Oklahoma.

By 1967 I had graduated from Oklahoma State University, gotten married, had a job with Texas Instruments in Dallas and fathered my first child, a beautiful girl named “Paige”.   In 1969 my son “Dustin” was born.   When our troops started kicking butt in Afghanistan, all the video feed from Islamabad was coming from my son Dustin.

After 7 years of marriage, my wife gave me the boot so I went back to school and in 1980 graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and transferred to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colorado, like California was heaven compared to Dallas Texas.   Wintertime was the best. Snowmobiling, 4X4’ing, ice fishing and skiing.   Dudes, you haven’t skied till you ski the Champagne Powder in Colorado.   I was on the National Ski Patrol for several years, loved it.   After 15 years in Colorado I moved to Austin Texas and am currently employed at Motorola.

I’m a little over a year away from collecting my SS and that’s the day I hand in my badge.   It’s Adios,  Hasta-La-Vista baby for me.   I have property in Mexico and have plans for a “Casa Grande”.   So you’ll have to come visit, margaritas made fresh daily at my “Casa Estrella De Mexiquito”.   I hope to find a new wife in Mexico.   I figure if my good looks cain't get me one, my money will.

I plan on being in Charleston on Dec 10, 2002, so hope to see my friends there.    Alex.

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