Dave English RD2
Semmes 1962-1965



My name is David English - Plank owner DDG-18 serving from 1962 - 1964.

I have attached a note I sent to Tom Camman who was the short stop on the same Championship team I was the Catcher for. We, Semmes DDG-18, were the Champs of the Cruiser Flotilla Destroyer 6 in 1963. We enjoyed our time on the field as well as on board.

My wife and I traveled to Charleston 5 years ago and ended up NOT finding the old shipyard. Very depressing but did find the Ball fields where we played our fastpitch games.

Anyway, if you can read the pictures I am the one on the left of the old folks picture - at a gathering of high school buddies on my deck for the 40th reunion. The one below is another plank owner Joe Cavallaro with whom traveled around San Juan on a Vespa motor scooter shirtless/helmetless and fearless. We went into the mountains and met some of the folks who really liked us at their little shack bars on the roadsides.

I live in Orchard Park, NY not far from Buffalo Bills stadium so think of me around game days. I grew up about 15 miles from here but lived and worked in Phoenix, AZ, Lincoln NB and Rochester, NY. We were transferred to Buffalo after my co. Bausch and Lomb sold the Microscope division to a British firm who then combined us with an optical company in Buffalo. So I was transferred out of Buffalo to startup a new plant in Phoenix, took new positions over the years and was transferred back in 1988. Interesting I was also sent to Newport to start up a new ship once Precommissioning radar school. Susan and I moved in 8/8/88 and still live in that house on a small lake (my ship is only a canoe and paddleboat. We have six kids who live everywhere - Three are mine and three are Susans. 3 grandchildren with one for sure on the way.

We are getting ready for a vacation to Mexico good Friday (worried about getting sunburned) and it reminds me of one of my Semmes adventures. A few of us took off on a weekend to Folly beach and became burned to a crisp. I came back so burned I couldn't get into my uniform so came on board in civvies. I was so afraid that I would get written up. That weekend or Monday morn they announced the appointment of exams and I was promoted to RD second class - which really scared me about loosing it do to being so burned up.

Regards - Dave RD2 Plank owner DDG-18 1962-1964

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