Bob Greinke, MM2
Semmes 1964-1968

Made 3 Med cruises, 1 cruise to the North Atlantic, did the "Gitmo" thing and was on board while we operated during the Santo Domingo uprising. Aboard ship I worked in  "M" division and also in "R" division.

After leaving the Navy, I returned home to Chicago, received a degree in Business Administration and started work at Alberto-Culver in their purchasing dept.

I married my wife Ann and raised 2 boys in the Chicago suburbs. I remained in purchasing for 34 years as well as remaining with Ann for that same amount of time. We moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1995, where we are today, still married and still working. Maybe a few more years and then its retirement.

To all my fellow Semmes shipmates, I just want to say Hi and always "Dare To Excel"

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