Bob Fliegel, LT
Semmes 1967-1968



1967-1968 Served aboard SEMMES as ASW Off
1969-1970 Served aboard RAMSEY (DEG-2) as Ops Off
1971-1973 Assigned to US Consulate General, Nassau, as Naval Liaison Officer
1972 Married first time (later divorced)
1973-1975 Served aboard DEWEY (DLG-14) as Ops Off
1975-1976 Served aboard KOELSCH (FF-1049)
1976 Son born
1976-1978 Assigned to COMICEDEFOR, Keflavik, as Political Advisor (POLAD)
1978-1982 Assigned to OPNAV (OP-63) as Ship Transfer Officer
1982-1983 Humanitarian transfer to Naval Reserve Readiness Command, Minneapolis
1983 Jul 1 Retired, LCDR USN
1984 Married second time (later widowed)
1989 Harvard (MPA)
1990-2000 National Park Service, St. Augustine, FL
1995 Married third time (later divorced)
2000 Retired 100%

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