USS Semmes DDG-18 Crew Diaries 1964



Jan 18th Finally snowed in Charleston today.
March 2nd At sea for sea trials and to NAD to load ammo. Trouble with radar
March 4th Pay day
March 6th Loading ammo at NAD with a 100 man working party. left at 0730 for Mayport, then to Puerto Rico or GITMO to fire missiles.
March 7th Mayport outstanding. At 1245 underway for Roosevelt Rhodes
Mar 13th Pulled into Puerto Rico after operating with the fleet
Mar 16th Left San Juan. On our way to fire Tarters.
Mar 27th Arrived in Bermuda. Good liberty.
Mar 29th Left Bermuda
Apr 3rd Arrived Charleston.
Apr 13th Out to sea for ten days. Operating with the USS Saratoga.
Apr 14th off the coast of Daytona beach, behind the carrier USS Saratoga
Apr 15th at sea
Apr 19th Pulled into Mayport.
Apr 20th Off Savannah Georgia- 2345 Captain's Gig launched 50 miles off coast, instructed to locate entrance to Intracoastal Waterway and meet ship in Charleston.
Apr 21st Gig got to Charleston before Semmes. Semmes arrived soon after.
May 3rd in Charleston. We're on 4 hours alert. May pull out Monday?
May 11th At 0800 underway for New York
May 14th At 1330 arrived in New York, pier 86 (86th Street)
May 18th At 0950 we are underway again.
May 22nd At 1245 pulling into Mayport to unload torpedoes. Underway again at 1430. At 2400 we are 100 miles S.E. of Jacksonville
May 25th Pulled into San Juan
May 26th At 0800 underway for missile range. USS Sellerss and USS Adams are with us?
May 27th In ort, San Juan
May 28th Enroute to Charleston
May 30th At 1000 in port, Charleston
June 12th Change of Command to Capt Robert Welander
June 15 Underway to meet USS Saratoga
June 19th In Mayport
June 20th In Charleston
June 22nd Underway at 0800
June 23rd Back in port, Charleston
July 20th To sea
July 23rd Met with USS Shangri La, operated with a nuclear sub.
July 25th In Port, Charleston after being at sea for five days
Aug 3rd Out to sea again, off Virginia Cape
Aug 7th At 1930 arrive at berth, Charleston (Have copy of POD for today)
Aug 17th Out to sea for Family Cruise.
Aug 18th U/W Ops
Aug 21 Ship in Brunswick, Georgia
Aug 23rd left Brunswick
Aug 24th Conduct ORI on USS Tattnall
Aug 26th Hurricane Cleo
Aug 27th Hurricane Cleo
Aug 28th Operations with USS Independence CVA-62
Aug 29th on our way to Charleston
Sept 1st NTPI
Sept 2nd NTPI
Sept 22nd Operating in the Artic Circle
Sept 23rd left the Artic Circle, and are off the coast of England. Refueled off USS Independence today.
Oct 2nd POD says "enroute to replenish..."
Oct 3rd around this date we pulled into Portsmouth England.
Oct 9th or 10th Pulled into Edenburgh Scotland.
Oct 12th about this date we left for Charleston
Oct 19th At sea. Scheduled to be in Charleston tomorrow
Oct 20th scheduled to pull into Charleston
Oct 24th Underway for New Orleans
Oct 27th Scheduled to pull into New Orleans
Nov 20th Mitch released from Active Duty. My ledger stops here.
Nov 21st  
Nov 22nd  
Nov 23rd  
Nov 24th  
Nov 25th  
Nov 26th  
Nov 27th  
Nov 28th Departed Charleston, SC
Nov 29th  
Nov 30th  
Dec 1st  
Dec 2nd  
Dec 3rd  
Dec 4th  
Dec 5th  
Dec 6th  
Dec 7th  
Dec 8th  
Dec 9th  
Dec 10th  
Dec 11th  
Dec 12th  
Dec 13th  
Dec 14th Gibraltar - Joined Sixth Fleet
Dec 15th  
Dec 16th  
Dec 17th  
Dec 18th  
Dec 19th  
Dec 20th
Dec 21st Naples, Italy
Dec 22nd Naples, Italy
Dec 23rd Naples, Italy
Dec 24th Naples, Italy
Dec 25th Naples, Italy
Dec 26th Naples, Italy
Dec 27th Naples, Italy
Dec 28th Livorno, Italy
Dec 29th Livorno, Italy
Dec 30th Livorno, Italy
Dec 31st Livorno, Italy

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