Privacy Statement for USS Semmes DDG-18 Association
The Association will NOT sell, rent, trade or barter your information with any other organization.
Your privacy is very important to us. When you submit your information , you have our assurance that your name will not be given to others by us, and will only be displayed on the Roster in the manner in which you agree to.
Your information will be used by the Association only for Association business.
We have taken measures to lessen the risk of obtain your information for mass marketing purposes (see below).
However, we can not guarantee that your information will not be viewed or obtained by someone you would rather not. The purpose of this WEB site  is to get former crew members in touch with each other - and to accomplish this, it does require making your information accessible to others. When you submit your information, you agree to have your information available in a searchable format that is viewable to other crew members, and perhaps others.
When you fill out your profile , you have the option to hide certain information about yourself  (such as address, email and phone number). If you are concerned about your privacy, we highly recommend you enable these features.
We have also taken the following measures to lessen the risk of your information falling into the hands of marketing companies:
Should you ever decide that you no longer wish to be listed on the Roster - please contact us and let us know. We will be happy to remove your information from our records. 

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