Ships Ribbons & Awards

Hello guys, I would like to inform you that we in engineering had the E.   Ensign Kulmus went up on the stack and painted the red E on our smoke stack.
Regards to all
Horst Wichek BT 3

Were there any other medals, and awards earned?

You won the Battle Efficiency "E" (for excellence, remember?) in the Squadron in 1964.   And you took several department "E"s that year also.   I'm sure there was a Gunnery "E".   Probably there were "E"s in Engineering and Operations also.   Am not sure how to check, but will try.
Capt. A.

We had the WEAPONS E, as well as the GUNNERY and MISSILE Es, which were components of the department E, but were awarded separately.  I believe we also had the ASW 'A'.  We may have won some of those in 64 but not in 65, or vice versa.  I know when I left the ship in Feb. 66 I had a hashmark under the Battle E on my uniform, which means we won that for both 64 and 65.

Keith Cottrell

To All:

I had these records for the Semmes through 1982

Awards/ Ribbons--Battle Efficiency Ribbon, Naval Expeditionary Medal, National
                              Defense Medal, Arm Forces Expeditionary Medal,
                              and the Sea Service Deployment Medal

Battle Efficiency Competition Awards (Partial Listing)
                    Battle "E"  1964,1965,1966,1970,1974,1980
                    Egineering "E"  1964, 1977, 1979, 1980
                    Gunnery "E"  1964, 1980, 1981, 1982
                    Supply "E"   1976,1977, 1980
                    Damage Control "DC"  1977
                    Communications "C" 1977, 1980
                    Sam "E" 1980,1981,1982
                    Asw "E" 1979,1980,1981,1982
                    Electronics "E"  1982
                    Operations "E"  1964

Jack Cistriano