Fantail Lookout

I was fantail lookout on a moonless night and we were replenishing at sea.

Sailors on the supply ship were throwing spuds down at me from way up on their 01 or 02 level amidships.  I couldn't throw them back up (those supply ships were huge compared to us) so I called the bridge on the sound powered phones.  I told the bridge phone operator to "Tell the Captain that the fantail lookout requests a loaded 45 be sent aft".

He said "WHAT?" and I repeated it adding that things were being thrown down at me and I couldn't throw them back up.  It either had to stop or I needed something that I could reach them with, like a loaded 45.  (You could hear the spuds hitting the sonar buey and shield that I was hiding behind as I said this.) 
  The brige phone operator came back after relaying the message and told me to listen up.  I asked if the 45 was being sent back and was again told to just listen up.  The captain came on the topside speakers and announced "To the supply ship alongside, This is the Captain of the Semmes.  The fantail lookout has requested a loaded 45 be sent aft.  If the attack on him and this ship does not cease immediately I am considering granting his request." (or words to that effect.)    Needless to say, the Captain of the supply ship was a little upset that Capain Alexander took such a public way of handeling the situation.  I heard later that he called Captain A and berated him for not contacting him quietly on the phone.  I also heard what the Captains reply was.     Just another example of how far Captain Alexander was willing to go in backing up his ship and crew.   Sure made me want to follow him.   By the way, the crew heard about the Canadians, girls and porthole races the next day.  I remember disbelieving, at the time, that the Captain would be involved in such antics.    We had the impression that he was sort of strict and straight laced.   

Dean Slone, Plank Owner 62-64

Well, recollection was that Captain Alexander was incredibly supportive but kept his I guess a CO has to do. I sure don't remember him climbing through any portholes himself that day.

Jack Williams