SEMMES cookbook


 Seeing the pic of the cover of the SEMMES cookbook ("Dare to Excel") posted on our web site and published in the wake of the ship's winning the 1966 Ney award, I remembered an amusing and gratifying experience I had while on leave in New York in 1968. I was dining with a date at the very fancy French eatery La Grenouille and had a copy of the cookbook in my pocket. Showing it to my date, I said "I'm going to give this to the head waiter." I did. Minutes later he returned saying "the chef would like to meet you." I was flabbergasted, but left the table and followed him into the kitchen. The chef extended his hand and said "I was a cook in the French navy. This is quite a cookbook your ship's cooks put together!" I beamed: "yes, we are the best!"

Bob Fliegel, LCDR USN (Ret.)